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Our services assist in resolving complex matters that challenge a company’s integrity. From supporting the successful completion of transactions to helping resolve disputes or investigating incidents, we are a specialty boutique with more than twenty years in the CEE & FSU region.

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Investigation Services

With extensive local expertise throughout Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet countries, we have built an extensive network to manage multijurisdictional matters, including complex offshore elements.

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Advisory Services

Before a transaction is finalised or a contract is signed, understanding the risks of the deal and knowing enough about the people you are dealing with are critical elements of avoiding undue cost and, sometimes, disaster.

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Cyber Risk Services

Companies are falling victim to cyber attacks more frequently than ever before. We investigate diverted payments, ransomware attacks and data leakage to determine if losses can be recovered.

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CNS Risk

We are an international firm with offices in the UK and Hungary offering intelligence-based solutions for companies of all sizes in our focus area CEE and FSU. We offer a holistic service approach – helping you understand, quantify and control the risks facing your company.

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