Russia’s anti-corruption champion to challenge Putin

Russian opposition leader Navalny plans to run for president in 2018, Reuters reports.

“”There have not been competitive elections in Russia for 20 years,” Navalny, 40, the founder of Russia’s Anti-Corruption Foundation, said in his statement.

“I’m sick and tired of watching ‘elections’ with the candidates just making up the numbers, not daring to criticize the pre-determined winner. I understand very well that for me even to become a candidate would not be easy.”

Read the full story here: Navalny to run for 2018 Russian presidency

Ukraine is slipping away; aid is needed.

“Ukraine has been in trouble for ages, but now it is really struggling. Over the last year or so its economy has almost collapsed. Much of the country‚Äôs industrial production, in the east of the country, has been destroyed. Nervous investors are fleeing. Its public-debt-to-GDP ratio has probably hit 100%.”

A leader article in last week’s Economist makes a compelling argument for the west to shower Ukraine with financial aid.

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